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Potash contains both nutrient potassium and humic acid, fulvic acid. Especially for the fulvic acid, its lower and
smaller molecule makes it higher physical and biological activity available. This product is water soluble. Can be
applied in fruit trees, agricultural crops horticultural plants etc. requirements and gives an additional advantage for organic farming.



1. Improve the yield and quality; The fruit enlarges rapidly, the unit weight of the fruit is larger, the size is larger, the appearance is brighter, the hardness is higher.

2. Prevent crop physiological diseases: such as lobular disease, rot disease, and umbilical rot.

3. Prevent premature aging of the crop and extend the fruit picking period by 15-20 days.

4. Strengthen the crop’s resistance to stress: such as frost resistance, drought resistance, resistance to heavy weight.

5. Increases buffering properties of soil, retains water soluble fertilizers in the root zones and releases them to plants.



•Extracted from the finest, richest, and purest source of high-grade molasses. Its superior solubility makes fast absorption and high utilization rate, easy diffusion, easy absorption, saving fertilizer and good for fruit coloring.

•High organic matter content without residues: It is beneficial to avoid soil acidification and rapid absorption. Not easy to cause soil compaction and balanced growth.

•Does not contain hormones and chlorine: Safe and efficient, correct nutrient deficiency, promotes balanced growth.

•Increase production, efficiency and quality: Improve products, match science and promote mutual absorption of nutrients, which is conducive to Precautions:

• Do not mix with strong alkaline pesticides or herbicides. •Stored in airtight dry place to prevent to form lumps.

•lumps does not affect fertilizer efficiency.

•Keep away from children and avoid eating.


1.When flushing, it is recommended to dissolve into high concentration liquid fertilizer and then irrigated with water. If for liquid fertilizer formulation, dissolve into water firstly, and then add fertilizer to speed up the dissolution rate

2. According to the reference ratio of water, top dressing cannot replace the base fertilizer.

3. General vegetable fertilizer summer – autumn interval 7-10 days, winter – spring interval 10-15 days.

4.The amount of topdressing fertilizer and interval time need to be comprehensively considered according to factors such as crop varieties, growth potential, soil fertility, base fertilizer usage, season, and cultivation methods.

Note: the detailed dosage should be adjusted according to the conditions of plants and soil. Packaging: 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg per bag. For bulk supplies: comes in old used bags.

Important Note: This material is Hygroscopic. we are not responsible if the material changes its physical properties while in transit or at the time of storage after the delivery.


Net Wt: 50 Kg

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