Cms Organic

City Compost

Net Wt: 50 Kg

811 Dr. Rajkumar Main Road AFZ grand Plaza, Sathgalli, Landmark: Opp to Indira Canteen Mysuru, Karnataka -570019.

Ph:- 9900219119


i Moisture, percent by weight 15.0-25.0
ii Colour Dark brown to black
iii Odour Absence of foul odour
iv Particle size Minimum 90% material should pass through 4.0 mm IS sieve
v Bulk density (g/cm3 <1.0
vi Total organic carbon, percent by weight, minimum 12.0
vii Total Nitrogen (as N), percent by weight, minimum 0.8
viii Total Phosphates (a P2O5), percent by weight, minimum 0.4
ix Total Potash (as K2O), percent by weight, minimum 0.4
x C:N ratio  <20
xi PH 6.5- 7.5
xii Conductivity( as dsm-1), not more than 4.0
xiii Pathogens Nil
xiv Heavy metal content, (as mg/Kg), maximum
a)Arsenic ( AS2O3) 10.00
b)Cadmium (as Cd) 5.00
c)Chromium(as Cr) 50.00
d) Copper (as Cu)   300.00
e)Mercury (as Hg) 0.15
f)Nickel (as Ni) 50.00
g) Lead (Pb) 100.00
h) Zinc ( Zn) 1000.00


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